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MrLlama Blizzard Sorc MVS Edition

MrLlama Blizzard Sorc MVS Edition

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I worked for almost a year with MrLlama to make a keyboard and keycap set befitting the Blizzard Sorceress. The keycaps have llama-themed skill and ability icons positioned where MrLlama recommends, but you can use some alternatives to customize your own build.

Like all my keyboards, this is a premium, split, fully programmable, gaming keyboard running QMK and customizable in VIA. MrLlama's builds have several stock features optimized for your favorite ARPGs:

  • < 1ms input latency
  • Extra long Alt key
  • Players Change key
  • Hardware repeat

In addition to your keyboard, you will get a credit for a keyboard-specific redemption during MrLllama's Blizzard Sorceress Man vs Stream. You'll get an email with instructions before the stream.

Low stock: 5 left

3D Printing Disclaimer

3D printing is an emerging manufacturing method that differs greatly from traditional methods. Printed cases have unique patterns and features, but can also have layer lines and minor cosmetic inconsistencies that are inherent to the process. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

1-Year Warranty and 30-Day Returns

Posey's Mechanical Keyboards offers a 1-year limited warranty on all keyboards.

If you're not happy, you can return your keyboard within 30 days of receipt. Customer just pays shipping and merchant fees (~3%).

Shipping Times and Policy

Most orders ship within 3 days. Some switches and keycaps take up to 21 days to source.

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