Opening Your PMK


If  you want to swap Shells, access the tenting legs, more easily swap switches or keycaps, or make a repair, you can easily open your keyboard. The only tool you need is a USB-C cable!

Below are instructions show how to swap the entire Lid assembly and install the stored tenting legs. Skip whatever steps are not needed for whatever you're doing. For example, if you don't need to swap the Lid assembly, don't disconnect the ribbon cable. 


Remove the Shell

  1. Flip your keyboard over.
  2. Gently rotate the 3 locks counter-clockwise with your USB-C cable.
  3. Tilt the Lid out of
  4. If you want/need, lift the black tab on the ribbon connector shown above to release the ribbon cable. This is not always necessary, but it can make it easier to work with your lid.
  5. Tilt the "Cage" out of the shell. You may need to push some switches down for it to come out easily.

Remove the stored Tenting Legs

  1. Gently hold back the ribbon cable and use your USB-C cable to unscrew the two Tenting Legs.
  2. Turn the lid upside down to dump the 4 pieces (two legs and 2 screws) out.

Reattaching the Lid Assembly to the Cage

  1. Arrange your Cage and Lid assemblies as shown. The ribbon cable should point towards the connector on the Cage, and the Blue tab on the ribbon cable should face upwards.

  2. Lift the Tab on the connector. Align the end of the ribbon cable with the connector and gently insert it. Gently push the Tab down to secure the ribbon cable. Look at the Blue tab to make sure the ribbon cable is aligned with the connector.
  3. Carefully orient the Lid Assembly with the Cage as shown

Reassembling the Keyboard

  1. Bring the Lid and Cage assemblies and the Shell together and place the Cage in the Shell. Make sure the tabs in the Cage fit inside the Tabs in the Shell. The Cage should drop into the Shell.
  2. Place the bottom of the Lid Assembly on the bottom tabs of the Shell and tilt it to be flush with the Shell. 
  3. Gently turn the locks clockwise using your USB-C cable to lock the lid to the Shell. The Lid should be Flush with the shell (though you may notice a little movement). 

Attaching the Tenting Legs

  1. Place the Legs on the Lid as shown. The rubber feet should point away from the Lid. 
  2. Screw the Legs in place using your USB-C cable. Don't over tighten, it doesn't need much force to be secure. 
  3. Install both Legs to complete the tenting procedure.