Getting Started

This guide is under heavy construction.

Plugging in your keyboard

You need a USB-C data cable to plug your keyboard into your PC. The USB-C plugs into your Left half, into the port furthest from the right edge. The LED between ESC and F1 will light up if you've properly plugged your left half in.

The two halves are joined using a USB-C to USB-C cable plugged into the slots closest to the edges on each half. The cable I ship has a magnetic adapter already plugged into the appropriate slot on the Left half, so normal USB-C side into the right half, and the magnetic end into the left half. The LED logo on the right half will light up when everything is plugged in properly. Note, you can use the left half by itself, but your right half will not work if it is plugged in to the computer directly.

Learning the Layout

Please refer to the appropriate graphic to learn some specifics about your keyboard.

LED Window between ESC and F1
No Gap between ESC and F1
Typing mode (Layer 0) is activated by default. 
Holding the Red Keys activates the Navigation Layer (Layer 1). You can use this to use the Right half F-Row for media keys, or the bottom right mod keys as arrow keys.
Holding the Green Key activates the Mode Shifting layer (Layer 2). You can hold this key to switch between Gaming mode (Layer 4) by pressing the Purple Key and Typing Mode by pressing the Yellow Key (and also to enter Boot Mode). 

Software Customization

You can customize your key mappings, LED colors, Hardware Repeat, and other settings using a web app called VIA. 

Click here for detailed instructions on setting this up.

Hardware Customization

Right now, the main option available is to increase the tilt angle of your keyboard. Please take a look at these step-by-step instructions on how to do this.