The Keycap Problem


PMKs have a duplicated column of alphanumeric keys on the left half of the keyboard. This gives gamers the ability to move their right half out of the way of their mouse while not severely cutting down the number of keys available to them. 

This means we need extra keycaps for 7, Y, H, N, and B. 

We also need a 2.75U and 2.25U spacebar.


I have several solutions for this problem listed generally in order of cost from most expensive to least expensive.

PMK Dye Sub Custom Keycaps

I have designed several keycap sets inspired by some video games. Currently they are produced in low quantities, so the lead-times are quite long (about one month). If you are interested, please hit the "Notify when available" button. If I get enough interest, I can do a full production run to improve quality, price, and lead-time.

Quality Note: The prints look amazing and the quality is overall great, but some of the alignment isn't perfect. 

Full Sets

We have pre-built keyboards for sale where we steal keycaps from one set to fill out a full set. These sets include the necessary spacebars. We then sell the remainder of the set with the 5 missing keycaps as a B-Stock (see below).

Standard Keycaps

You can use virtually any keycap set for your PMK if you just use the numpad keys to fill out the missing keys on either half of your keyboard. Many sets even include an extra "B" key and/or the necessary spacebars.

If you need spacebars, we have black and white spacebar kits for sale.

B-Stock Keycaps

These sets are ultra-discounted because they are missing 7, Y, H, N, and often, B. You also won't get to pick them, you may need to use upside-down shift keys for space bars, and they may be a little mismatched. But they'll sound good and the price is unbeatable.