Collection: MrLlamaSC's Blizzard Sorceress

MrLlama has helped designed a fully-custom split gaming keyboard for the Blizzard Sorceress. He even has custom icons on keycaps for abilities and skills. He'll be using his copy of this keyboard to battle twitch chat in Man Versus Stream. Get your own copy to support MrLlama and turn his keyboard against him during MvS on ??/??. 

  • Ultra Repeat

    MrLlama will need to be very careful pressing certain keys because they will repeat ultra fast. If he tries to use a potion, he'll use all of them on that key.

  • Key scramble

    Scramble the keyboard so MrLlama has to test each key to find out what it does. He'll have to find at least half the keys before the scramble turns off!

  • Input Lag

    Imagine how frustrating it would be to have to hold a key down for half a second before it registers? All while "Dogspacito" plays over and over...

You'll get an email before MvS on how to redeem your keyboard related stream punishment.