Firmware and Downloads

Firmware Downloads

If you have 8 total keys on your left F-Row, download this firmware:


With LED

If you have an LED window and only 7 total keys on your left  F-Row, download this firmware:


Basic Instructions

With the keyboard plugged in, Hold Green and Press Cyan to enter Boot Mode.

The keyboard will stop functioning, but your computer should recognize it as a storage device. Simply upload your .uf2 file in that folder and wait for your keyboard to restart. That's it!

Advanced Firmware Instructions

Posey's Mechanical Keyboards use QMK firmware.

You can easily update the firmware on your keyboard by putting it into boot mode. When your keyboard is in Boot Mode, it will pop up a file window on your computer, exactly as if you had plugged in a storage device, like a flash drive.

All you need to do is drag-and-drop (or copy and paste) your .uf2 file and it will upload the firmware to your keyboard. Your keyboard should automatically restart and be ready to use.

Most firmware updates only require flashing the Left half of your keyboard. If you are instructed to flash the Right half, you need to remove the shell to expose the USB-C port and plug the Right half in directly.

Alternative Boot Mode Methods

If the primary method of entering Boot Mode does not work, try these options:

Alternative #1

If you only have access to the left half, but it's working properly, simply unplug the keyboard and press Hold "ESC" as you plug it in. 

Alternative #2

Each half of the keyboard has a hole on the bottom highlighted by a purple circle. There is a button you can push with a pen or paperclip. Unplug your keyboard, press and hold that button, and with the button still pressed, plug your keyboard back in.