Layers and Modes

Understanding Layers and Modes

Layout with LED on Left

*Note: Colors listed on this page refer to the colors of the keys in the image above. 


The Red and Green keys are used to shift "Layers" on the keyboard. When you hold these keys, many of the functions of other keys change. Red keys are for navigation and other standard keyboard function. The Green key changes the Mode and is used to directly modify keyboard properties.

Navigation Key (Red)

Holding the Red keys will change the function of the keys to the bottom line of text shown above. For example, holding a Red key and pressing F11 will mute/unmute your computer audio.

Mode Key (Green)

The Mode Key is shown in Green for both layouts. If you do not have an LED on your left half and instead have 7 F-row keys, this Green key is dedicated to changing the Mode. If you do have an LED on your left half and instead have 6 F-row keys, this Green key also works as F7. Tapping this key acts like F7, but holding it allows you to change the Mode.

Holding the Green key will change the keys to the middle line of text on the keys shown above. 

For example, holding the Green key and pressing F8 will put the keyboard in Gaming Mode

*Note: Some keys have different functions for Mode and Navigation. Mode functions are the middle text, and Navigation keys are the bottom text.

Important Mode Functions

  • Hold Green and press F8 to switch to Gaming Mode.
  • While in Gaming Mode, hold Green and press F6 to switch back to Typing Mode.
  • If you need to Flash Your Keyboard, hold Green and press Delete. 
  • If you need to clear the memory of your keymap, Hold Green and press Backspace. This will clear any changes you made in VIA.

Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode implements your hardware repeat rate. The color of your LEDs should change. For those modifying keymaps in VIA, you can directly modify the Gaming Mode map by changing Layer 4. Layers 5 and 6 are also Gaming Layers can can me customized.