About Posey's Mechanical Keyboards

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  1. Gaming-Optimized Split Keyboard: Maximize your mouse room and improve your gaming posture without compromising on key mappings
  2. Gaming-Optimized Hardware and Software: Custom electronics and software provide sub-millisecond input latency and up to 200Hz Hardware Repeat rates. 
  3. Premium 3D Printed Construction: PMKs fully leverage the advantages of 3D printing to sound amazing and look absolutely unique.
  4. Easily Upgradeable and Repairable: PMK's modular design allows for easy repairs, upgrades, or aesthetic changes.

Check out the Technical Specifications here.

The Split Advantage

The most important peripheral in a PC gamer's arsenal is not their keyboard--it's their mouse. Give your mouse the room it deserves by pushing the right half of your keyboard out of the way while you game. 

You'll get all the posture and comfort benefits of typing on a split keyboard, but PMKs have a duplicated column of keys on the left half, so you'll have plenty of keys to use in whatever game you play without needing to reach over. You'll be surprised how easy and natural it is to type during game, even with the right half pushed out of your way.

QMK Firmware Tuned for Gaming

PMKs ship loaded with a customized QMK firmware profile designed for high-performance gaming. QMK is an open-source firmware for keyboards, and PMK's custom feature sets include a low-latency debounce algorithm and Hardware Repeat. While any keyboard running QMK is capable of implementing these features, PMKs electronics configured to run these resource-hungry features while still providing nearly 2kHz scan rates.

Premium 3D Printed Construction

3D printing isn't just for gimmicks and prototypes anymore. While the cases for most traditional keyboards can require dozens of separate parts, each half of a PMK's case is an assembly of just 3 printed parts with all these features built-in:

  • Four different acoustic features: gyroidal sound dampening, isolated switch mounts, spring-mounted face-plate, and integrated face-plate sound-traps
  • "Quarter-turn" locks for easy disassembly
  • Phantom LED windows built for customizable logos
  • Unique exterior patterns
  • Integrated tenting hardware storage

Easily Upgradeable and Repairable

Most modern keyboards, including PMKs, use "hotswap sockets" to install switches. This means you can very easily swap your switches out if you want to try a different style or if a switch is defective.

You can also easily change shells and keycaps, so you can completely change the aesthetic of your keyboard with minimal effort.

PMKs' modular design means they're easily repairable and upgradeable. The only tool needed to open the keyboard is a USB-C cable! Each keyboard half has two PCBs: one for the switch array, and one for the controller and the input ports. That means if you pop a socket off the array, or somehow break your USB port, you don't need to replace all the electronics.

See it in action! Check out UpATree on Twitch

Sal (aka UpATree) is a Starcraft II streamer who helped immensely in developing this keyboard. He streams with a keyboard camera, so you can see his setup in action on his channel. 

Who is Posey?

Posey (short for "Mariposa") was a dog. I made her name my "gaming tag" early in her life, and chose to keep it after she passed. She was important to me, and her pawprints are in every keyboard I build. 

My name is Javier Oliver, and I engineered PMKs from the ground up for RTS gaming, and now I'm trying to make this a business. I spent 15 months designing, building, refining, and testing this product before I was ready to accept orders. I build every single keyboard I sell, and I am truly honored by every purchase. I hope you love what I've built.