Sound Tests

Akko Lavenders, Factory Lubed

Gateron Reds, G Pro 3, Factory Lubed

Gateron Browns, G Pro 3, Factory Lubed

Gateron Melodics, Factory Lubed

Gateron Silvers, G Pro 3, Hand-Lubed


Sound Test Setup

Sound tests are done with a AT2005 Microphone about 12cm from the center of both halves of a keyboard. The keyboard is on a desk mat, which is on a wooden desk.

I noticed my keyboards sounded deeper in my sound tests than in reality, I run an equalizer curve to make them sound more realistic. 

I'm still updating my test sequence, but here is the current sequence for most of the tests:

  1. Roll keys with 4 fingers on each row, starting with the Top Left row, moving down, then going to the Bottom Right row, and moving up.
  2. Tap along the length of each stabilized key, starting with the Left Shift and moving counter-clockwise.
  3. Type at a normal speed
  4. Type slower and softer
  5. Type hard
  6. Spam the "F" key hard