PMK Technical Specifications

Keyboard Specs

  • Interface: USB-C 2.0 (cable not included)
  • Interconnecting Cable: USB-C to Magnetic USB-C (use any USB-C to USB-C data cable)
  • PCB: Flex Cut, 5-pin Hotswap, south-facing (mostly).
  • Body: PLA, optional infills
  • Face Plate Material: PETG (clackier) or Matte PLA (thockier)
  • Dimensions: Left - 17 x 14 x 4cm and Right - 19 x 14 x 4cm (including keycaps)
  • Weight: 800g
  • Stabilizers: Screw-In, Hand-Lubed, Tuned, and Tested*
  • Layout: Custom Split Layout, 84 Keys (optional 85 keys)
  • Face Plate Mounting Style: Spring Mounted
  • Included “Mods”: Vinyl Tape Mod and Integrated PCB Sound Trap
  • Tilting angle: 5° (Baseline), 7° (legs attached), 10° (feet and extra feet attached), Legs stored in the keyboard.

No Legs (Left); Legs Added (Center); Legs + Extra Feet Added (Right)
Note*: Stabilizer assembly and lubing is not included in barebones kits.

MCU and Software Specs

  • Firmware: QMK
  • Configurator: VIA
  • Scan rate: >1000 Hz
  • Polling rate: 1000 Hz
  • MCU: RP2040

 Considerations and Disclaimers

  • Material: PLA softens at ~57C (135F) and won't hold up to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Do not leave it in a very hot place!
  • Construction: The cases are 3D printed in just 3 parts. They sandwich together to produce a unique sound and feel while typing without using any screws. You may notice a little movement between parts when you move it, but when it is resting on your desk or in use, it will perform beautifully. 
  • USB Interface: The keyboard connects to your PC using a USB-C data cable. The two halves are connected using USB-C ports, but they cannot be plugged into your computer. Your PC will notify you that the device is not recognized.
  • Print Quality
    3D printed parts all have minor cosmetic blemishes. Some blemishes are "permissible" in QC and do not qualify for refunds or returns. Others are "Nonconforming", and qualify for a replacement (should not have been shipped).
    Permissible defects:
    • Layer lines (basic feature of 3D printed parts)
    • Zits and minor stringing
    • Internal cosmetic defects smaller than 5mm diameter
    • Minor discoloration on faceplates
    • Up to 2 snapped springs on face plate
    • Up to 1 major color shifts on dual color shells
    • Up to 2 visible voids smaller than 1mm diameter

Barebones Kits

Barebones kits include the shells, lids, PCBs, and faceplates required to build your keyboard. Optionally, they can include screw-in stabilizers and pre-cut vinyl tape mod. Here is what you need to source yourself:


Most keycap sets will have everything you need except the required 2.25u and 2.75 space bars and the duplicates for 7, Y, H, N, and B. Some sets include an extra B and the required spacebars, but make sure you have a plan for these special keycaps. Please refer to this page for more details.


You need 85 MX style switches (PCB or Plate Mount)


You need 6x 2U stabilizers (Screw-in or plate mount). Stabilizers benefit greatly from lube! There are plenty of references online for how to do this, and it's very easy.

Stabilizers are included in the PMK Barbones Kit, Basic by default, and I will install them for you if you prefer.

Tap Mod

This is optional but highly recommended. There are many references online for hot to do this, and it's worth the time.

Pre-cut vinyl tape mod is included in the PMK Barbones Kit, Basic by default.