Special Requests

Some keyboards include an option to add Special Requests. If there is a customization you'd like that isn't available in the "Product Builder", you can describe them under Special Requests. 

You can request any of the following (or anything else you have in mind):

  • Different switches
  • Different keycap sets
  • Different shell colors or materials
  • Different faceplate materials (for different sound profiles)
  • Custom LED Logos
  • Custom Engravings on the bottom

Make sure you're happy with your order if the quoted price of your special requests is too high, or if your requests are not possible. Feel free to contact me in Discord or otherwise if you'd like to check before ordering.

Once you place your order with a Special Request, you should expect an email with either an invoice for the added requests, or requests for more information. You'll receive this within 48 hours when I'm in the office. If you don't respond within a week, we'll ship the order without the Special Requests. Make sure you check the email address you list on your order.